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Publish Date: 2017-12-17

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Desain Ruang Keluarga Berisi Kumpulan Gambar Desain & Ide Ruang Keluarga Terbaru

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Nowadays, Desain Ruang Keluarga becomes residential concept which is idolized in property business, just like buying and selling other property.

Ranging from high-class to middle-class housing and the simplest.

Although many who use the concept of modern minimalist, does not make the dwelling into something underestimated. Because the application of modern minimalist concept requires the accuracy of ideas, a mature and maximum utilization of land.

There is another definition of a minimalist house is a small house that can be in modern design as in this modernization era, live how we can arrange, decorate the interior spaces and exterior of our house to house a modern look.

Also the definition of minimalist house is simple, has wide openings, paint colors tend to monochrome with a touch of accent-line accents are very firm, both vertical and horizontal and the number of forms of boxes.

Desain Ruang Keluarga is usually built on a land that is not too large with a building that is not too big, but it brings a luxurious impression.

To get around the need for the availability of the room in a minimalist home certainly required maximum utilization of land utility.

Maximal here means not all the land is spent on the building area, but how to use the land that is not too broad but still can provide enough space for all residents and able to support its activities.

Because it is built on a land or land that is not too broad then usually people who have enough badget, usually choose two floors to increase the room as you wish.

However, not all minimalist homes adopt 2 floors for land use. This is certainly tailored to the needs of the room (such as the availability of rooms) and the cost to be spent to build residential space.>
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